Feedback session

Do you manage a group of people, but it is not yet a well-cooperating team? Do employees complain about other colleagues through you as manager? Do you see growth potential in your team? Do you encounter resistance in the team? Or are the results falling short of the target?

Employees experience barriers to giving feedback to colleagues or to you as a manager. While this feedback is essential for further development as a team. Through feedback, team members can help, stimulate and support each other. As a company, do ask for feedback from your customers? You probably do. Do you also ask the same from your internal customers, the employees?

Happy People = better business

During reorganisations and change processes within an organisation it is also important to involve the employees in the process. A number of employees together is not yet a well-functioning team. If the company is still at the start-up stage or in the midst of changes, such as a reorganisation, teamwork is particularly important. This also includes offering the space for mourning/loss of an old team and the start of a new team.

How can Feedbackfactor help?
By discussing the barriers as a team and practising with each other in giving feedback, Feedbackfactor helps in the development of the team.

What does Feedbackfactor offer?
Feedbackfactor organises feedback sessions with teams in which the theory about giving feedback is discussed. The barriers why feedback is not given or insufficiently given are discussed. Give each other showers of compliments about strong qualities, get to know each other better. But eventually, also to practise giving feedback to each other in a familiar environment.

A feedback session programme consists of at least three meetings with the team. These sessions take place in the office or, if desired, with the horses.

Parallel to this programme, it is also possible to organise individual coaching sessions, see link to individual coaching.

For specific team coaching on a specific theme, see link to team coaching.

The rate of the programme depends on the size of the team, the number of sessions and the duration of each session. Please, feel free to contact us to discuss the options and quotation.

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