Coach session

How does a coaching session work in practice?
After registration and prior to a coaching session, there will be an intake interview by telephone. We get acquainted and make an inventory of the coaching question or what is needed. This applies to both individual and team coaching.

Coaching session
The coaching session with a horse or pony will take place in an arena or meadow. You will remain firmly on the ground with both feet and do not need to have any experience with horses. During the coaching session, the horse or pony is used as an aid and I will have a facilitating role. Depending on the composition of the group, you will work alone or as a team on an activity together with the horse. As a coach, I facilitate the session and help during the awareness of the experience and the feelings by asking questions. In addition, the insights and experiences can lead to a need to perform the activity again and to experiment by doing it differently.

What can you expect from me as coach?

  • I facilitate a safe environment in which the coaching session takes place.
  • I ask of you to participate in an activity in combination with a horse.
  • I tell you my observations
  • I provide a variety of coaching material during the coaching session.
  • I help to reflect on the experience with the horse.
  • I give you the opportunity to experiment with different behaviour in your contact with the horse and have new experiences.

In a coaching session of two or more people, a fellow coach joins in.

What to wear?
Coaching sessions take place outdoors, so please take into account the weather conditions. In general, it is recommended to wear clothes and sturdy shoes that may get dirty and wet. In the summer, think about wearing a cap, sun screen lotion and, despite the temperatures, closed shoes for safety reasons (mandatory). In the autumn and winter, it is advisable to wear a woollen hat and waterproof gloves. Of course, in addition to a warm coat and warm boots or shoes.

Food and drinks
It is not allowed to carry food in your pockets during the coaching session. Bringing a bottle of water is allowed in the summer.

About two weeks after the coaching session, a reflection/evaluation takes place. This is about what has kept you or the team busy in the past two weeks. But also what was the outcome of the session or what is still needed to be further explored in a next session?

Of course, I will also ask about your experience with me as coach, the location and the session. This allows Feedbackfactor to improve itself again.

Coaching location
Feedbackfactor uses different locations within the Randstad area.

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